At One Red Sail we strive to inspire and embrace the wonders of life along the coast.  It is an amazing experience and truly a privilege to be lucky enough to have a front row seat to the calm before the storm, the storm itself, and the never ending changing of the tide and the seasons. 

We should never take for granted the waves that bring calming happiness and a positive way of thinking.

Our idea of coastal living is to enjoy quality of life and take pride in the quality of what we are producing.  We have a lot of fun exploring various types of rope, twine and cord to get to this point on our creative journey.  Each size and type of rope, has it's own unique personality that can challenge us while making our traditional hand knotted designs. We continually work to expand our knowledge and skills when it comes to knotwork techniques.  Our goal is to create traditional nautical items that are both useful and durable.

We make it our business to use only the best materials we can find for each product, to bring you hand knotted quality items that can be enjoyed for years to come.