The magical Sea Glass and Beach Glass we love to search for.

As we walk along the shore with a careful eye out, we spot a lovely treasure in the sand.   We have found a piece of sea glass or beach glass. Sea glass refers to salt water glass and beach glass refers to fresh water glass. The fine patina of sea and beach glass comes from the glass slowly dissolving in the water. The PH of fresh water is different than salt water so the glass does not dissolve as readily. It still dissolves, and will develop the same patina over time, however taking a much longer time.

Sea and beach glass have been around as long as we have had glass, and know that is a very long time.  The little washed up gems were said to be "Mermaid Tears". The story goes that every time a sailor drowned at sea, the Mermaids would cry and the sea glass was their tears washing up on the shore.

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